My goal is to offer reflections, thoughts and ideas about how faith and life connect in light of the hopeful and inclusive vision of Church and World given at Vatican II.

I am a Franciscan Friar Conventual and pastor of the Franciscan Church of the Assumption in Syracuse, NY.

In reporting on stories and events for commentary on this blog some copywritten materials may be reproduced without explicit permission under the understanding of “fair dealing”. The material is used for reporting & discussion in a completely non commercial blog. Every attempt is made to credit the source and to encourage the readers to visit the actual original source of the material.



  1. I’m thrilled to read about your frontpage. I fully agree with your comments. It’s really inspirational. I’ll recommend this webpage to my friends & relatives.

  2. Hi Friar Rick,

    I am taking the liberty of reporting with a link to your site your post on HPV. I hope the trustee’s at Halton and others see it.

    I’d like to correspond with you about Tomorrow’s Trust: A Review of Catholic Education. It is the number one blog in the world according to Google Blog Search under the term Catholic education.

    John Borst, editor, Tomorrow’s Trust
    Dryden, Ontario, Canada

  3. Hi Friar Rick

    Your “blog” is a very unique type of ministry that allows me to reflect the meaning of “Integrated Spirituality” to see God in my ‘creaturliness” and in the “ordinariliness” of life’s experience/events/actions.
    Many thanks.

  4. Interesting.

    The Friars from Siena College in Latham, NY often come to my Churcu (Our Lady of Fatima..Schenectady,NY) They are friends to all of us.

    Don’t really know how Blogs work.

    I am an Associate of the Dominicans, OP

    Tell me more about what you do.

  5. Dear Friar Rick,

    Wishing you a blessed Feast of St. Francis! I am the editor of LEAVES magazine, which is published by the Mariannhill Missionaries (U.S.-Canadian Province) in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. One of our readers sent in an article from you entitled, “Who’s Your Valentine” that appeared in “Companion.” I would like to reprint the article in LEAVES. We are not able to pay for material used in our magazine since we do not charge for subscriptions, but I would be glad to include a line directing people to your blog if you wish. Whenever convenient, please let me know whether or not you will allow use of the article. Thank you and God bless! – Jackie Lindsey

  6. Hi Friar Rick,

    Your blog is insteresting.
    I´m looking for catholicism and i missing it.
    I´m a student to be a priest, in Brazil!
    I work with cyberspace and i try to use at church it.
    God Bless You.

    Rodrigo Rios
    Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil.
    Archdiocese of Maceio

  7. It is good to see someone whose reading interests are not limited to their own tradition. You mentioned Craig Groeschel and that made me smile. I had a chance to visit Lifechurch.tv since I live in Oklahoma.

    For four years I was a monk with the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, founded by singer/songwriter John Michael Talbot. Because John was originally Franciscan, we spent a lot of time studying Francis. Furthermore, I was also an Assemblies of God minister at the same time. Yeah, God has a tremendous sense of humor. Some of my blogs include reflections and lessons I learned as the world’s only Assemblies of God monk. I’m always interested in finding open-minded, ecumenical brothers and sisters to share with and discuss our common love of Jesus. I’ll be checking in with you for insight, inspiration, and, I’m sure, the occasional smile.



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