Fox News: 50 years too late! Too Funny!

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Rocco Palma the blogger of Whispers in the Loggia just tweeted about this hysterically funny bit of reporting from Fox News. The article claims that the Catholic Church is moving away from using Latin at mass in parishes. Imagine that. Wow, they’ve just discovered Vatican II at Fox News. Actually they are reporting on the new revision of the English translation of the mass. What poor reporting. Check it out yourself or read the plain text below. Unbelievable. Remember, these reporters are believed by millions of Americans when they “report” about health-care, defense, and politics in general! They make Sarah Palin look informed.

Fox News: if we don't know we make it up!

Catholic churches to abandon latin for english translations

Henry Rosoff

FOX6 Reporter

8:45 PM CDT, April 13, 2011

The sound of catholic mass is changing this fall, and will take some getting used to. The church is moving away from using Latin in church, and moving toward using literal translations from the original Latin.

For example perishioners reply “and also with you” to the phrase “the lord be with you”. After November 27th, perishioners will reply by saying, “And with your spirit”.

Most of the burden will fall on the priests, who will have to make changes to their dialogue as well.

Some have already began criticizing the changes for being too confusing. Most Catholics are openminded, and don’t fear the misunderstandings.