I just voted!

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Since I will be in Costa Rica during the Federal Election on May 2nd I decided to vote by special ballot here in Costa Rica. I’ve done this once before when I was living in Washington DC. It’s pretty cool. I must say that Elections Canada has been amazing with the process. The service from them has been incredible, especially Karen Green who deals with these alternative ballots. I faxed my request for this mail-in ballot on April 6 in the evening and had my ballot in my hands in Costa Rica today, April 12. Besides what I consider pretty decent speed was the friendly and helpful attitude. I emailed Karen Green and told her that Elections Canada should run the country. No comment from her 🙂

Anyways… I’ve done my part. I am a bit of news and political junkie… so it’s natural for me to get involved in the electoral process. I hope that everyone does their part and VOTES!! If you don’t vote you can’t complain! And for those of us from a Catholic faith perspective it’s our religious obligation to vote and do our part to builder a more just society.

Enjoy the debate tonight. I know I will. It’s just about to start. I’m tuning in to CBC News on my iphone while I do my homework. Don’t tell my teacher!