¡El perro comió mi tarea!

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The dog ate my homework. I wonder if the teacher will buy that since we don’t have a dog at the friary. It’s been a great weekend. After shopping at the market on Saturday I cleaned my room, went shopping for more school supplies and then went grocery shopping for Sunday’s dinner. Then in the afternoon it was absolutely necessary to take a little… well, not so little nap!

In the evening I concelebrated the 4PM mass with Fray Jorge at the school’s chapel with lots of people who come every weekend from the local community.

Katherine, me and Maria Laura at the San Pedro Mall

After mass two young women, Maria Laura, a teacher at St. Francis College and Mistress of Ceremonies for the friars and Katherine, a member of the Secular Franciscans and an actress/director invited me “out for coffee” along with Fray Walter.  They took us to a place in Coronado ( a suburb of San José) where we actually ended up having dinner. The place is called Encantó  and is quite interesting with a lot of art from local artists. Afterwards we drove to San Pedro Mall which is near where I go to school so that I could see the mall. It is pretty big. Of course, we had to stop in at Pops the Tico (Costa Rican) ice cream store. I had a Tico speciality which is called a Churchill. It’s like vanilla ice cream with this pink syrop on top and then covered with powdered milk. Sounds kind of weird but it was actually quite nice.

Today (Sunday) I’ve been up since 7 cooking for the friary lunch. I made Penne Bolognese. It was a mock version with only ground chicken but the rest was true to tradition. The longest time was preparing the soffrito for the base (celery, onions, celery and garlic cut into even 1/8-1/4″  cubes. I also made a wilted spinach salad with olive oil, garlic and hot peppers. It all turned out pretty good. We ate outside in the friary courtyard. Nadar made a decadent trifle for dessert.

Los Frailes: Walter, Jorge, Nader y Toño

Now I am so tired and sleepy that I don’t want to do my homework… but I must… ’cause she knows we have no dog! On the other hand, going out, I did get a lot of practice speaking Spanish 🙂