Farmers’ Market

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One aisle of the market in Guadeloupe

This Saturday morning I got up early and left at 6:00 am with Fray Toño and and Friar Nader to go to the farmers’ market in a Guadeloupe which is just up the street from the friary. I walk near there every day to do go to school. Let me tell you, it’s much faster by car! The market is pretty big, comparable to St. Lawrence Market in Toronto or Marché Jean-Talon in Montréal.

There were so many varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The smell of the fresh herbs was quite rich. One of the vendors gave us some little bananas to taste. You can’t imagine the variety of bananas and banana-like vegetables that exist.

While we were at the market we met Fray Toño’s aunt who is a Sister of Sion as well as a couple of groups of postulants from other communities. Religious seem to blend well in Costa Rican society. More on that later.

Fray Toño buying celery (apio in Spanish)