The homework piles on

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Day 3: Wow, it feels like I’ve been at it forever. There are moments that I just start laughing out loud in class. It’s hard to hide that, since I ‘m the only one in the class! I can’t stop laughing at times when the teacher, Ligia, start handing out the homework. I’ve been calling her a terrorist. She just laughs right back at me.

I learned all sorts of food words, weather words, geography words. It’s all pretty practical. We also read 3 short articles on the war of 1856 when Costa Rica was attacked by William Walker. The decisive battle was on April 11th and so I’ll have more on the story on that day. In the meantime, she’s given my the usual homework that I get plus she wants me to re-read the articles and give her an oral summary tomorrow morning… “in Spanish”, I asked? Yes, in Spanish. Then she asked me to prepare a written composition that uses 20 verbs.  It’s only day three and she wants me to write. Way too cool!!

Another cool thing that has happened since I’ve been here is that I got my parents onto Skype. We can chat from time to time and it’s really kin do fun to see one another. Anyways… while I was studying, between my father’s skype calls, Friar Maury, the elder of the house came to tell me about the sunset just outside the front of the friary. It was quite pretty and a nice diversion for a few moments. Here it is for you all to enjoy.

Sunset outside the friary in Moravia, San José, Costa Rica. Taken with my iphone.