Hell for an extrovert!

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Day 2 of Language school.

I learned ( I hope) the Present Simple  of the regular verbs. Fun eh! Actually, it’s quite liberating. It’s finally nice to have some verbs and vocabulary to use. Not knowing a language is hell for an extrovert. So finding out how to conjugate the good ar, er and ir verbs has been quite helpful. Then I learned a gazillion examples of those verbs… actually 45 of them including some that I really have a hard time with like “ahorrar” which means “to save”. You try conjugating that! Saying it isn’t  much easier. It’s a horror! The vocabulary went equally quickly with an additional 100 words to memorize. One of the more challenging ones for me is emparedado, which means sandwich. The friars laughed “… everyone here says sandwich”, ah, but that won’t please my teacher!

Although school is going well, I am having a minor crisis. I am distraught at the way that Italian proper names are changed into Spanish. Spaghetti becomes espagueti. Canneloni becomes canelones. I can’t take it! Anyways… maybe I’ll give it a bit of time, considering that at 6:37 PM (Costa Rican time) it’s 21 degrees in San José and 3 degrees in Toronto 🙂