Back to School

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Today I started the Español Conversacional course at Mesoamérica in San José. I walked over from the friary and it took me 35 minutes walking briskly. It probably would have been less if I hadn’t tripped on the side walk or as I learned today, me caí.Thank God I was wearing long pants and only scraped my knee.

The pants survived too, which I am happy about because they were my Tilley pants someone bought for me. I wasn’t sure I would like them, but I must say that they do keep me cool and wick the sweat away. The underwear does the same… although I must say, and I don’t want to get over personal here, but the sizes they use seem a tad on the small size. T.M.I. you say???

So today at class it was all about personal questions like “hi” and “how are you” followed by learning the numbers up to a million, the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, personal pronouns, 2 versions of the verb “to be”, the verb “to have”, articles (definite and indefinite), singular and plural of nouns, the colours, 35 regular verbs and 80 vocabulary words.

I had a headache when I got home!!! Thankfully, it also only took 35 minutes, uphill, but no falls 🙂

Now it’s homework, homework, homework!