Volcano and Peace

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Saturday was a day of fun and discovery. I joined Tom Robertson (one of our FrancisCorps volunteers here in Costa Rica) and his parents for a trip to the Poa

Poás Volcano. The friars here arranged for Roy Ramirez, one of the employees of our Colegio Saint Francis, to take us on the journey. Roy works at our school organizing field trips for the students and also does travel arrangements for others. We jumped into the friary’s Rav4 and took the two hour journey. We were lucky when we arrived because the weather was great and unlike many visitors we had a clear view of the 1.6km crater, the largest active crater in the world. From there we walked some more to visit an extinct crater which now forms a lake.

Poás Volcano

The second part of our journey was to LaPaz Waterfall Gardens which is beautiful nature park with lots of incredibly beautiful flowers, all sorts of animals and of course the waterfalls. It is so lush and feels like what I often pictured as Costa Rican forests. I got a lot of pictures but unfortunately I didn´t bring the cable to upload from my camera. The pictures I have here are from my iphone4. We had lunch at the buffet on site, but there are also other more formal restaurants available. You can also stay there in the Peace Lodge Hotel.

The LaPaz waterfall with Tom Robertson as the bottom

The roads leading to LaPaz were pretty rough due to damage from an earthquake a few years ago. We were lucky to have a 4wheel drive!  Our journey home once again took us through the towns of Alajuela and Heredia among others. It was kind of cool to be driving home on Saturday afternoon and seeing all the hustle and bustle of Costa Rica.

You can contact Roy Ramirez who organized our excursion: costaricaopentours@gmail.com