Canadian Bishops’ April Fool’s Joke

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Surely it must be a joke? Can it be true that the Canadian Bishops are going to implement the Revised Roman Missal this coming Advent 2011 and are going to provide some “powerpoint” presentation material sometime in April and the DVD and workshop material not until August and September? No, they can’t possibly think that this is reasonable. This is Lent folks. Parishes are busy and going into Easter. When are we going to put the initial material to use? These needed to be in our hands in January! The Archdiocese of Toronto, which to its great shame, doesn’t even have a liturgy office, managed to provide its priests with not one, but TWO  first class, week-long workshops on the Revised Missal. (Thank God for the leadership of Archbishop Collins in this matter. It was he who told the organizing committee of these workshops to get the best speakers.) The US Bishops have been at it for a year with their people. And yet somehow the joke is on the People of God in Canada. Canadians are expected to assimilate the reasons behind the change, the nature of the change and adapt to it in 3 months. Does the CCCB and National Liturgy Office take us for fools?

Normally I am a great supporter of the CCCB (Canadian Bishops). They are fine men. I took heat for defending them in the Development & Peace debacle last year. But lately they have been somewhat disappointing, especially in their communications around liturgy. The revamped website for the Bishop is amateurish at best. The National Liturgy Office, has a website that does even less than that of the CCCB. They are publishing a new hymnal with the new parts of the Mass for the people. I emailed them to ask if we could hear the new mass settings to see if we want to buy them and I have heard nothing. I guess it’s best to buy the stuff from LTP and get the new setting for the Mass of Creation and Mass of Light.  Our National Liturgy Office which used to be excellent and published a great journal, now seems so out of touch, out of step and irrelevant.

I can tell you that we are not going to wait until the Fall to prepare our people at St. Bonaventure. I think it is best that we all take the time to become informed ourselves about this change coming to the mass sooner than we thought! There are wonderful resources available in the US, especially the work of Rev. Paul Turner, through Liturgy Training Publications in Chicago.

Check our these website for yourself

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Canada’s National Liturgy Office

Now in comparison check out the United States Bishops on the Roman Missal. [I’m not Canada bashing, but we have excellent resources here and wonderful experts. We should be able to do something better. Besides, I think we’re all grown up now, and have the ego-strength to allow ourselves to use U.S. material without fear of losing our identity.]

US Bishops: Revised Roman Missal

Liturgy Training Publication’s resources on the Revised Roman Missal