Matsu Japanese + Thai

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Last night after mass, a friend took me out for dinner. We tried this brand new restaurant in the York Mills plaza across from the Prince Hotel. It’s near the new Galleria Korean supermarket I wrote about a while ago. There’s also a Vietnamese Pho restaurant next door called WonderPho.  (That’s next on my agenda!) Anyways, Matsu is the place and it serves Japanese and Thai cuisine. It just opened a week ago and so does not have a liquor license yet.

The decor of the place is spectacular. There’s lots of chocolate-brown and glass. It feels very sophisticated and soothing. The welcome was incredibly gracious and warm. When the menu came it was almost overwhelming. There are so many interesting choices from Pad Thai, Sushi and Sashimi to all sorts of unique dishes like Japanese BBQ ( I believe it’s called Yakiniku) that I had not heard about before.

We made out choices and were not disappointed. The food was flavourful, fresh and portions generous. The only challenge was that it all came at us too quickly. I assume it’s just the inexperience of the wait staff to pace the orders. We ended up each ordering two appetizers, a main and ice cream and green tea for $69. Not bad for the area. I would definitely go back.

Matsu. 865 York Mills Road, Toronto  (website coming online soon)

I can’t mention having this great Japanese food without thinking of the people of Japan who have experienced the earthquake and tsunami. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this time of tremendous loss and great challenge to heal and rebuild.