Pope says internet is extremely important

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Over these days, you will study a draft document on The Internet and Formation in Seminaries. The internet, with its capacity to overcome distances and place people in mutual contact, presents great possibilities also for the church and its mission. With the necessary discernment for its intelligent and prudent use, it is an instrument that can serve not just studies, but likewise the pastoral action of future priests in the various ecclesial fields, like evangelization, missionary action, catechesis, educational works, the administration of institutions. In this field, too, it is of extreme importance to be able to count upon formators who are adequately prepared, that they might be faithful and always well-updated guides to the end of accompanying candidates for the priesthood toward a correct and positive use of these means of information.

Pope Benedict XVI
Address to the Plenary of the Congregation for Catholic Education

(for Seminaries and Institutes of Study)
The Vatican, 7 February 2011


These comments are reproduced from the website of the master of all English speaking Catholic bloggers, Rocco Palma of Whispers in the Loggia. He rightly comments that this all sounds rather hollow until there is some visible sense that the Holy Father is seen using the internet.