Waiting for the CBC to arrive…

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I’ve got an interview at 3:00 pm with the CBC this afternoon. They are coming to hear about the Church and its use of new media and “the social network”.  The Archdiocese of Toronto referred the journalist to me. I think she may have seen me on CTV’s Canada AM when we spoke about the Holy See’s new initiative “Pope2You”. (Which was and still is, IMHO, pretty lame.)

Update: the CBC is running late due to an accident on the Don Valley Parkway.

Anyways… so what am I going to say to them? Well, during the initial telephone interview we spoke about how I got into blogging and some of the stuff that I do here in the parish. I’ve always been a news junkie and so being on top of the media has always been important to me. I noticed that out on the WWW, much of the “Catholic” presence was from rather extremely conservative individuals and organizations. There were and are some wacko “liberal” blogs that one right-winger refers to as “catholyc” [i.e. not the real thing], but you know… neither is he!  My thought was that we needed more moderate Catholic to speak out and have a presence on the net. I wanted to reflect that society, the net, the world are not necessarily at odds with Christianity and faith in general. This is God’s world and it is a world of Grace.

Since then, though, I’ve been sorely disappointed. I can’t believe how vicious people can be… especially so-called Catholics. Just recently I found myself being attacked in a blog in the UK over my column in the Messenger of St. Anthony magazine from Padua.  I had received a letter from a woman in Ireland complaining about the crazy things her priest was doing with liturgy. Some of the stuff did sound strange. Other examples just seemed to be beyond her comfort zone.  I don’t want to support this guy… but it’s worth seeing what I’m talking about. Visit the blog here… but don’t stay too long 😦  

Update: CBC just arrived… gotta go for the interview…

The interview went well. They were genuinely interested in how the Church interacts with the contemporary online culture. It should be on CBC News Network’s Connect with Mark Kelley at 8PM (EST) … and we don’t know yet which night, but probably next week.

Back to the blog that bashed me… I thought my advice was fair. But no, my trying to promote compassion, understanding… working things out was mocked. That’s exactly what is wrong online today. This is what B16 is saying to people… yes, get on the net, but bring Christianity not just in the content but also in the manner of relating to one another!