REALLY early learning for children!

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The Toronto Star is reporting that the Ontario Government Cabinet is thinking of backing away from the plan to provide school-board run before/after school programs for children. The merits of this approach vs programs offered by outside providers is not really something I know very much about. However, I know that in Montréal, where my younger sister has her family, the afterschool program is essential to her being able to work outside the home. The afterschool program seems seamlessly integrated with the school, is year-round and seems to work quite well. There is no disruption for the kids… it’s all in the same school building.

One thing I did find interesting was this description by the Star’s reporters Laurie Monsebraaten and Kristin Rushowy of the original plan:

The province’s appointed early learning adviser, Charles Pascal, recommended a system of early learning for children from conception [emphasis mine] to age 12. He has called the extended-day, full-year aspect of the program “absolutely the deal maker” in terms of benefits to children, parents and society.

Daycare from “conception”?  Really?  That would be quite interesting. Would there be separate programs for moms and their unborn babies? How would that work?