Papal mourning

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Aside from all the excitement regarding the Pope and condoms in the new book being published soon, “Light of the World”, one of the other interesting insights is the actual daily life of B16. He reveals that he lives in community with members of the “Communion and Liberation” lay movement. Together they share meals, watch tv at night and journey together. It’s quite impressive to see how the Holy Father has fashioned a healthy community of men and women with whom to share his daily life.

Tragically, though, one of the members of his “household”, Manuela Camagni, was killed in a car accident on Nov. 24. The Pope preached a wonderful homily at a mass for her  that reveals not only his personal relationship with her but also his profound understanding of the great Franciscan St. Bonaventure. The Pope, paraphrasing Friar Bonaventure captures the essence of Franciscan spirituality:

Saint Bonaventure says that the memory of the Creator is inscribed in the depths of our being. And precisely because this memory is inscribed in our being, we can recognize the Creator in His creation, we can remember, see His traces in this cosmos created by Him. Saint Bonaventure also says that this memory of the Creator is not merely a memory of the past, because the source is present, it is a memory of the presence of the Lord; it is also a memory of the future, because it is certain that we come from the goodness of God and that we are called to strive for the goodness of God.

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