Lazy days of summer

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It’s been quite the summer so far!  My franciscan community had some important election/decision making meetings in June that paved the way for a brighter and more vibrant future for the friars in North and Central America.

I then had an amazing vacation spending time a week  in each of Assisi and Rome. It was good to be there without a pilgrimage. It felt weird at times not having 40 people following me. I was there with a couple of friends and the point of it was to linger and meander. In Assisi this was challenging because of the steep hills. In Rome the challenge was the steep temperatures. Each place had its graces though and especially the time to reflect, pray and connect with spiritual roots.

During my vacation we had the G20 in Toronto — I watched some of the news coverage from Rome on CP24 and CBC. Interesting to say the least. I think our police forces did an amazing job in an atmosphere where they had no idea what might happen.

The time afterwards was marked, as you may have read below,  by the passing of my friend and dear novitiate classmate, John Joseph Dolan. The funeral really was a vale of tears. Have a look at the photos from the Buffalo, NY rites. I had the honour of presiding at the Vigil services. It was quite moving.

Since then things have been quite busy getting ready for the Fall. Now is the time for catching up and planning. I hope that I can continue to offer some hopeful thoughts as time goes by and avoid the temptation of focusing on things that bother me. For example you will note the absence of a posting about the Anglican Church going to the dogs! Anyways…

Enjoy these warm summer days!