Heads should roll at the Vatican

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A little bit of Henry Tudor’s style would be right for the Holy See just about now. Who the heck in the Holy See thought it would be a good idea to release new norms for dealing with sexual abuse cases and at the same time link that with some norms regarding attempted ordination of women? I mean are we as an institution that stupid? Are we really trying to destroy any shred of credibility?

The norms published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) were announced in a press release.  The norms deal with the most serious crimes. We’re talking about the abuse and rape of children. There is not much really new in this information but it brings together some important practices that the church has had to deal with these situations. It may be little and kind of late, but it is some good news.

But then in an act of incredible self-sabotage, the same release mentions other crimes, which by association are linked to child abuse… “crimes” like the Ordination of Women. Oh my God… this is a communications nightmare. Could the norms regarding these other “issues” not have waited a week or so? Are people running our communications that clueless?

It is now clear that we are facing a consistent and systemic lack of understanding of basic public relations and communications at the Holy See. Some heads need to roll.

With so many intelligent, gifted and dedicated people working at the Holy See, it is a shame to see all their good work obliterated by a lack of sensitivity and professionalism on the part of a few who should know better.