Islam vs so-called “islamic”

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There is a difference between Islam and it’s “Islamic” members. As there is with Christianity and those who call themselves Christians. This week during the World Cup fever youth in Somalia have been killed for watching the football games. Yes, killed!

Two Somali soccer fans were executed on the weekend by Islamic militants after they were caught watching a World Cup match, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph‘s correspondent in South Africa reports.

The men were watching the Nigeria-Argentina game near Mogadishu on Saturday when their house was stormed by extremist militants in the Hizbul Islam group (part of al Shabaab), which controls the area. Ten others were arrested. There is no information on how the two men were executed or any other details about their identities.

Many towns in Somalia that are not controlled by the government are banned from watching the World Cup, which has been declared by al Shabaab as “un-Islamic,” because citizens should be focusing on the “pursuit of holy jihad,”…

Can you imagine! As crazy and insane as this may be we need to distinguish the faith from the so-called practitioners of the faith. After watching “The Tudors” my memory of history of Christian violence was made all too vivid. People use religion for their own agendas.
We all need to speak out against these abominable crimes cloaked in the mantle of religion. We cannot be afraid.. true Muslims also need to speak out against such a distortion of their faith.