20 years of Priesthood

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I was ordained a friar-priest on Pentecost, June 3, 1990.  I chose the feast and not the date per se… and so I observe the anniversary on the feast which is today. I was ordained by Bishop Grosz, the auxiliary bishop of Buffalo who is a Secular Franciscan and a friends of many friars. It was an amazing liturgy… the wind was howling and if felt like the roof was going to come off the church…what a storm. Then the liturgy starts with the hymn… “Send Down the Fire, Send Down the Rain”. I guess you need to watch what you pray for.

 It has been such a joy being a friar-priest. I keep emphasising the “friar” part because it is integral to my being a priest. It is my being a brother  in fraternity and being surrounded by brothers (especially those who are not ordained) that enables me to be the kind of priest that I am. Christ is to many a teacher, healer, lord etc. For a franciscan, I think the image of Christ that stands out is “brother”. That’s what I hope I can be in my ministry… for another 20 years.

Happy Pentecost!

My parents, sisters, nephew Tony, Bishop Grosz and me after the Ordination at St. Bonaventure in Toronto. 3 June 1990