The Cardinal comments on abortion

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The Toronto Star reports about the National Assembly in Québec passing a resolution affirming the “right to abortion”.

In a province where progressive social policies tend to elicit broader public support than elsewhere in the country, Quebec’s National Assembly unanimously adopted a motion affirming a woman’s right to choose and to access free abortion services.

It asked the “federal government and the Prime Minister of Canada to put an end to the current ambiguity on this issue,” and called on the government to ensure that support for abortion is not used to cut funding to women’s groups.

The pointed motion comes in the wake of incendiary comments by Cardinal Marc Ouellet, primate of the Catholic Church in Canada, who has been vocally supportive of Harper’s policies and last weekend described abortion as a moral crime – including in the case of rape.

Ouellet has also advocated a “reopening” of the debate over abortion’s legality in Canada.

The article quotes one activist who decries the Cardinal’s imposition of religious doctrine. So…. when the church calls for respect for human rights around the world that’s an imposition of religious doctrine? When the church feeds, cares and educates for millions around the world, that’s an imposition of religious doctrine? Come on…. reality check please!!!

In fact the Cardinal’s comments are extremely moderate! Here’s a translation of the comments from the Archdiocese of Québec which were offered by spokesperson, Jasmin Lemieux-Lefebvre (formerly of Salt+Light TV).  [Jasmin is both a very competent and credible voice for the Catholic Church in Québec).    

When the  Cardinal calls us to reopen the issue of abortion it is to provide protection to the child in the womb. Canada is the only country in the world to maintain a complete legal vacuum in this regard. Which model Canada should choose?  He leaves it to politicians to consider a balanced solution among the myriad of options that exist elsewhere. However, the priority now is not criminalization of abortion, it is a moral awakening of consciousness and education to the tragedy of abortion.

I agree with the Cardinal. Criminalization of abortion will only lead to people exploiting women with illegal abortions that create two victims… the child and the mother. The solution is found in making abortion unnecessary. Part of that must be making adoption more accessible. Canada should be on the forefront of promoting adoptions from in Canada. Until there’s a good policy in place in Canada parents and those who want to become parents have to look to private resources. Check out Canada Adopts.