Root problems for women

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In the recent uproar in Canada about the Federal Government’s decision not to fund many international aid groups that provide abortions, there has been this interesting comment by Elizabeth May of the Green Party. She’s someone I usually find quite compelling… until now:

“The funding for advocacy for women rights has disappeared,” May told the Star.The Green Party leader said the government will gladly provide funding to women’s shelters, for example, but resists when it comes to funding organizations that might look at the underlying social problems.“They will fund Band-Aids after the fact but they will not fund root causes, identification or elimination of root causes. That’s not their agenda,” May said.She said the women’s advocacy non-governmental group, MATCH International, which received funding for 34 years, just had its $400,000 funding pulled with only two days notice.

Really? Access to abortion is the underlying social problem affecting women? It would have nothing to do with poverty, war, discrimination, lack of a decent wage etc, etc? I think Canada should help fund programs around the world. I’m not so sure Canadians want to make abortion a priority in our international aid. Read the rest of the article from the Toronto Star.