Brother André to become saint

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So it is now official, the good porter from Montréal is to be canonized. I remember growing up as a kid the number of times we would go to pray at this tomb. It was always a beautiful, faith-filled experience. Even today, when I am really in need I turn to André and his friend Joseph for help. He’s actually been a pretty good intercessor for a special project that I have entrusted to him and a few other saints including Kateri, Bishop de Laval, and the Marguerites.  There’s a young man in Texas who I hope is getting better and better health results due to their prayers.

And then there is the amazing Mary MacKillop whose tomb I visited in North Sydney in Australia. My Marist friend Tony Clark took me there and explained the story of her oppression by the bishop and her steadfast faith despite this persecution. She is a great model of how faith can carry us through pain, even when it is inflicted from within the Church. What a great woman and a great saint for Australia and the world.

Read the news yourself:

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