We are all Giambrone

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This morning Charlie Lewis, of the National Post, has a commentary on the saga of Toronto City Councillor Adam Giambrone.  Lewis contends that Giambrone’s sin being a personal matter he should have stuck it out in the race for Toronto mayor. I don’t agree.  Giambrone has his hands full with the jobs he has now and his personal life. This is not the time to go looking for more responsibility.

That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with the heart of the commentary made by Charles Lewis; we are all Giambrone. We all have our secrets, shames and sins. We hopefully struggle to keep things in check. Some of us get so caught up in our own “BS” that we stop seeing ourselves honestly and fall from Grace. He like all of us, needs to return to honest living, celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, make amends in his life and move on.

Adam Giambrone has a reputation for being intelligent, hardworking and usually a pretty decent guy.  This humbling reality check is time to refocus on his qualities… work hard, think smart and be good. Some have suggested he resign his seat on Council or from the TTC. Forget that! He was hired to do a job, let him do it. Sink all that anger and energy in being the hardest working person at the City of Toronto!

And speaking of the TTC.  Readers of my blog will know that I don’t have too much affection for the TTC. It’s an out-dated institution catering more and more to the fringe, run by too many committees and not serving the vast majority of citizens. This is a perfect opportunity for Giambrone to do the right thing and return the role of TTC Chair to a more off the radar position and let the General Manager of the TTC become the public face of the organization. We don’t need any more politicians running transit. Gary Webster, the current Chief GM wrote that excellent memo to his employees this week. He needs to be given a chance to make a change.  It would be great and mature and responsible for Giambrone to do his job at the TTC by backing up his Chief GM and avoid the lime-light… which has been too hot anyway.