TTC is outdated

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I was looking for directions on Google Maps today and discovered that you can get directions for whether you are travelling by car, by public transit or on foot! That is so cool. How convenient is that! I tried to do see how I could get to the place I was going by transit only to find out that the TTC is not on this Google software. I looked to see, and yes, most of the large transit systems are on this… expect the TTC. I tried Montreal and it was there… and actually all of the Montreal region systems are included so you can have a seemless experience.

The STM's Opus card and reader
Montreal, like many other systems in the world now also include a “debit” type of transit card so you don’t have to carry exact cash with you. But not our dear old TTC.  The City of Toronto and the TTC get so caught up in “trendy” issues like providing for cyclists… (and that’s a good thing in itself) but they forget to look after the “core” of their mandate… move the vast majority of the citizens fo the GTA in and out of Toronto for work, school and personal travel.

When will we have the leadership to make Toronto great?