Which Toronto Councillors to avoid!

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As the New Year approaches we will begin moving into election season here in Toronto. Candidates will come forward to be elected for City Council. It will be important to remember those who sabotaged our efforts to get a great community centre in Don Mills. Here is the list of those who supported the project, those who were opposed and those who were not there to vote.

Let’s hope that the OMB will allow the project to find new life.

Yes (16)

Augimeri, Cho, De Baeremaeker, Di Giorgio, Feldman, Filion, Ford, Jenkins, Lindsay Luby, Mammoliti, Milczyn, Palacio, Parker, Perruzza, Stintz, Walker

No (17)

Ainslie , Bussin [Chair], Carroll, Davis, Del Grande, Giambrone, Hall, Holyday, Kelly, McConnell, Mihevc, Minnan-Wong, Pantalone, Perks, Shiner, Thompson, Vaughan

Did not vote (12)

Ashton, Fletcher, Grimes, Heaps, Lee, Miller, Moeser, Moscoe, Nunziata, Ootes, Rae, Saundercook