Here Comes The Rush Before Christmas!

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I can’t say it any better than one of our parishioners at St. Bonnies who also happens to have a great blog. Dave Trafford captures the rush of these last few days of Advent.


It’s the “Rush Before Christmas”  …and all ‘cross the nation,
There’s angst in the air – a low-grade trepidation –

You’re hanging the lights. You’re decking the halls.
Spending eight hours a day in the stores and the malls.
Will you run out of money? Will you run out of time?
Will you get through this season or go out of your mind?

At the end of the day, when you’re snug in your bed
You’re checklist is running around in your head;
Should you serve turnip? What kind of wine?
Should the tree be a balsam, a spruce or a pine?

You’ve got potlucks, and parties and a Post Office stop,
School concerts and carols and no time to shop.
There are presents to wrap and silver to buff;
There are stockings and turkeys you still have to stuff.

Counting each item just makes you flinch;
And you secretly wish for a visiting Grinch.
But the kids are all giddy as the big day draws near,
And you can’t help but feel their excitement and cheer.

It don’t make easier and it don’t make it saner.
Just don’t waste the season. Why be a complainer?
Just let your light shine in your special way.
You’ll find peace in the chaos and joy in the day.

But before you rush off and the New Year begins..

Merry Christmas!
Dave Trafford
Newstalk 1010