The Truth about Priests

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Maclean’s December 7th 2009 issue has a cover story entitled: The Truth About Priests. It’s probably one of the best articles on priests and the sexual abuse scandal in Canada. It takes up some of the past scandals and the present situation with Bishop Lahey, but it makes the point quite clearly that these cases are not the norm among Catholic priests. Quite the contrary the article states that one of the safest places for a child is a Catholic environment.  The heaviest criticism is directed at church leadership that seemed to avoid dealing with the issue. Although the bishops’ perspective is fairly presented whereby many bishops thought of this problem as a moral lapse. Priests were reprimanded and told to stop. Today, that’s clearly not the way to go. It doesn’t work. It’s interesting to read this article in light of the government report on abuse in Dublin.

This issue of Macleans is especially worth reading!