A test drive

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MsgrK-MedMsgr. Murray J. Kroetsch, a priest of the Dioceseo of Hamilton, and one of Canada’s leading liturgists led the Thursday morning session of the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Priests’ Seminar with a “test drive” of the proposed new texts for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  A young Toronto priest, Fr. Damian presided at a “fake” mass using the new texts and rubrics while Msgr Kroetsch, with great pastoral sense and touch of humour added his commentary.

missal_bookIt was great to try the new prayers in “actions” as it were rather than just as words on a page. The “solemn” musical setting for the Preface to the Eucharistic Prayer is quite beautiful. I feel almost the urge to learn them! We could have had a whole day with Msgr. Kroetsch! My hope is that a dvd of his presentation will be prepared for the many clergy who were not at the seminar. So many priests who are not officially in parishes provide weekened help. It would be great if everyone got the same message.

All in all, except for the Wednesday presentation,  the seminar was a great success and quite useful. Thanks to all those who prepared it.