Lectio for Priests

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This evening I attended the Lectio Divina offered by Archbishop Collins. Lectio is a time of reflective prayer over a passage of scripture. It’s an opportunity to savour the words and the allow them to penetrate into our lives and see what happens. To lead Lectio is to share an intimate part of your life.  It’s a very personal thing and makes one rather vulnerable. Tonight’s Lectio was no exception. The Bishop led is in this process and reflected aloud for himself and for us. I must admit that it’s quite the experience to be led in prayer at this depth by a bishop.

The Calling of Andrew & Peter by Caravaggio

The passage tonight was from the Gospel of John and the calling of the disciples… Andrew, Peter, Nathaniel. Through the reflection I was led to recall the “Andrews” in my own life who brought me closer to the Lord and to be thankful for them. It also was an occasion to reflect on some of the people who perhaps I have helped grow in relationship with God. As with John the Baptist and Andrew, once our task is done we begin to diminish so that they might grow.Food for thought and prayer!

Thank you Archbishop for the gift of scripture, prayer and reflection which you shared with us.