Swine Flu Fiasco in Toronto

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I got the H1N1 Vaccine on Friday at the hospital where I am on-call clergy.  It was quick and easy, and I got Tylenol and a candy to go with it. That day I felt some mild pain in the injection site, and a little nausea during the evening. The next day, Saturday, I felt like I was getting a cold… achy, and little miserable. Sunday it was much, much better, but still a little sore at the injection site. So, all in all, no big deal for the injection.

What I could not understand was that for a city the size of Toronto, the general population was given 10 sites for clinics! 10 for a city of  2.5 million . That’s 250,000 per location! Of course, not everyone is going to get it, but still.

We were also told that we had ordered some 50 million doses. Unlike the USA, we had ordered another kind of vaccine and there would be no rationing. What the heck happened? Now we have to stop production to make another type of vaccine for pregnant women and then resume the other one? Doctors are being asked to participate but the vaccine is only being sent out packages of 500 doses. Does this make sense? This is serious business. We need to figure out who messed this up. They need to be fired.  Here’s 1o1o Talk Radio’s Dave Trafford’s take on the same issue: