H1N1 process slow

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Well, I was at North York General yesterday visiting patients and there’s been a rush at the ER with people with flu-like symptoms. People are especially concerned about kids and teens. I’m going to see about getting the vaccine at the hospital before I visit too many more people. I don’t want to bring H1N1 back to the parish!

I find though, that the process for getting the shot is rather not well organized. When you think of the city of Toronto and the millions who live here… 10 sites does not make sense. Add to that the complicated process of mixing the vaccine before injection and you’ve made the lines a lot longer. What were people thinking? I know one of our docs was thinking of having a clinic at the church but it seems way too complicated.

Keep you posted if I can get the shot. And yes, I’m getting it.. as soon as possible. It’s the right thing to do for me, and it’s even more important for those around me to whom I could pass it on if I should be in contact with the virus.