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It’s not often that you’ll catch a friar quoting a Jesuit, but in this case it’s quite worth while. Fr. James Martin, SJ talks on NPR (National Public Radio in the USA) about the importance of humour for a good and healthy spiritual life. Here’s one for you:

Q: What’s a good Jesuit liturgy?

A: When no one gets injured!

Ok.. a little lame, but listen to this radio interview.

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  1. A few years ago I went for dinner with a Capuchin Archbishop. He knew that I had been a Conventual Franciscan for a while and so he provocatively told the old fable about the dying wishes of St Francis – I guess you have already heard it in one version or another: When St Francis died he left his corpse to the Conventuals; his shack to the Observants but his spirit to the Capuchins.

    It’s actually not even a joke and I’d heard the story before from a Conventual standpoint – it varies depending on which OFM branch is telling it. However, the pair of us started to laugh and couldn’t stop – a real fit of the giggles to the point that there were tears in both our eyes. The Archbishop has since died but I cannot think of him without remembering that wonderful moment when we truly shared joy in the Lord.

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