Bishop Weisgerber on Salt & Light

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My blog has been getting a lot of traffic lately regarding the Development & Peace situation and Archbishop Collins’ thoughtful response.  You can read the interesting exchange among commentators for that post.

I think it is also very important to listen to the President of the Canadian Conference of Bishops, Most Rev. Weisgerber in an interview with Fr. Tom Rosica on Salt & Light TV.

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  1. I just watched this interview carefully. twice. I like Fr. Rosica but he’s pulling a Larry King here, turning the show over to the guest’s agenda and never asking specific challenging questions.

    It’s really quite amazing. It takes 3 mouse clicks to get to the section of Lifesite where you can read their personal written and phone interviews with pro-abort recipients of our money, AND YET Weisgerber, after blowing yet more thousands of dollars of parishioner’s money on a 5-star Mexican junket with has the gall to state they found “…no evidence any of these groups have ever talked or been in touch with any group D&P funded. There was no foundation that D&P was in ANY way funding any projects or advocacy for abortion. There evidence of that.”

    Friar Rick, can’t you see that Weisgerber’s activities have painted us parishioners in a corner with but three ways out? We must pick from the following hard choices:
    1) Our own eyes are lying.
    2) Abp Weisgerber is lying.
    3)Abp Weisgerber is incompetent as an investigator.

    Abp Weisgerber admits right in the interview that he’s been involved in D&P from the very beginning and he’s been a member of D&P all his priestly life. He obviously should have recused himself from this so-called “independent” investigatation.

  2. If Abp Weisgerber was an honest man he would have stepped aside in the investigation due to his personal involvement in the situation. This is that much harder for me to swallow now. He is obviously biased in his conclusion. Wearing rose colored glasses clearly does not let him see things clearly.
    Adrienne I would say that its a choice between 2 or 3. Being charitable I would say 3 but also being a thinking man I will say 2.

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