Shops at Don Mills update & more (updated)

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The Shops continues to be a great place for our community… it’s a place to walk, hang out, meet people. I think that as  a parish priest I meet more parishioners during the week by walking there than I do at the Church!

Here’s un update from me:

The Street Names: How Shops at Don Mills streets got their names

McEwan’s: amazing, although quite expensive there is good value for singles or couples who want a good quality meal and don’t want to cook. It’s not a place to do major grocery shopping.

Linda’s Restaurant: ordinary Thai, small portions and high prices and squished seating.

McNally Robinson Books: great bookstore.

Prairie Ink Restaurant: great for lunch.

Glow Restaurant: Great food, not huge portions, smallest desserts, pretty expensive and the slooooooowest service I’ve ever experienced with a touch of attitude. Outdoor seating not very comfortable for eating. I’m not returning too soon.

Jack Astor: Interesting food, improved ambiance from old place… inexperienced wait staff… poor customer service.

Festivals: The Shops continues to offer wonderful opportunities for people to gather and form community. From movie nights, to performers to weekend Festivals. The next Festival is July 31 – August 2nd. Don’t miss it. Find out more here!

The Clock: I love Douglas Coupland’s writing and the Clock Tower took some getting used to… but now the digital display doesn’t work. What’s the point of a clock that doesn’t tell time?

Community Centre: my sources in the community tell me that the discussions for a community centre are moving ahead. Some of the original plans are changing.  The ideal for me would be to have the area of the arena redeveloped into a mega community centre. This could be a multi-level complex with indoor ice-rink, pool, theatre, the all important “mega” walking track for the winter and some meeting rooms. A little bit of an atrium would be great too where Second Cup could set up a small concession. I’ve also always believed that the library should move there, but that’s a pretty cool building on Lawrence.. so maybe not.  The other question is who is going to run the place? I don’t hear great things about City run community centres. There was talk of Don Mills Seniors’ Foundation. They’ve recently changed their name, but it might still be too “senior” focused. (Seniors are vital to Don Mills, but we also have to make room for the kids and young adults).  Perhaps the Civitans? Or how about creating a non-profit group to do it? Oh, and parking! Perhaps underground? Dare to dream? Anyone listening?

Overall, The Shops continues to be a great place for our community. Thanks to Alexandra Whyte, the young and dynamic GM of the Shops and Anne Morash the VP of Cadillac Fairview. Ok, I’m not saying the Cadillac Fairview is a “saint” of a corporation. I know they have been quite tough with some of the retailers. But they, especially the people named above,  have received a lot of abuse from a few nasty people in the community.  Can you believe there are complaints about the noise from the free concerts! The concerts are not that late at night and yes, sorry, life is sometimes noisy. You’re in the city now!

If you agree that it’s become a great place for our community, please let Cadillac Fairview know.

And now for something completely different! Do you like Korean food? Thanks to the recommendation of my friend Luigi and his brother Vince (who is dating a Korean woman), I discovered the Galleria Supermarket (Yonge, North of Steeles on the East side). It’s a great store, very clean, efficient and has lots of interesting products. They also have some great food for take-out or you can eat in. I hear the espresso bar is the best in that part of the city! I was full on the Spicey Seafood Noodles so didn’t try the coffee. Perhaps next time. I did leave with some Seaweed Salad though. Yummy!

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