Toronto without the Garbage

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Jack Astor’s Update: I forgot to mention one of the “downs” of the Shops at Don Mills: Jack Astor’s. I stopped in the other day for dinner with a couple of friends. We wanted a table for 3 on the patio. There was one table being cleaned and several others set for two. The hostess went to check and told us there was one table being cleaned but it was saved for someone else. That’s it. There was no offer to try and make one of the tables set for two into on for three (a couple of them could easily accommodate us). So we walked out. Besides, the last 3 times I’ve had lunch there I’ve had some G.I issues. That and the under-whelming service leads me to suggest you avoid Jack Astor’s.

Every morning this week I’ve been going for an early walk with some friends. We watch as the local streets are cleaned, the sidewalks are washed, garbage bins are emptied, business owners prepare their shops for opening. As we walk we meet other neighbours on the road, some getting some fresh air others walking their dogs.  Where in Toronto is this utopia of civilization and cleanliness? Our journey is to the Shops at Don Mills!

The Shops has become the heart of our community. It’s a clean place to walk, go for a coffee, go for a stroll or just hang out. Oh, and you can shop too! I’ve checked out the new Thai place, Linda’s. It’s very cramped and over-priced for some ordinary food. I like the Prairie Ink restaurant at the bookstore. Now, I’m looking forward to visiting Glow restaurant. Is there a theme here? Can you tell why I need to go to Weight Watchers? The McEwan food store is great…amazing, but beyond our budget.

There are lots of sales at the Shops of Don Mills. Come support our local merchants… and our many parishioners, especially youth who are working in the stores.

Hummm… maybe we can get Cadillac Fairview to run the City of Toronto? It would certainly be better than the current management.

UPDATE: Check out a new effort to clean up Toronto at

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  1. In response to, I find this very upsetting. Our Mayor has been quoted as saying that, “Everyday is Labour Day in the City of Toronto.” I have heard that with my own ears. He had great support from the working people of this great city for his election and is now turning his back on them. Management is demanding strips from CUPE-no other City employees have seen strips in their latest round of negotiations. Using this current “economic time”, which won’t last forever, to strip hard working employees contracts is unsavory. Contracts have been negotiated in good faith for years. These workers did not receive raises throughout the 90’s. Now the City wants to strip what little the workers do have. City workers are not fat cats. They did not cause this “crisis”. They are not the cause of Provencial downloading. They should not be paying for it. This is plain and simply a social justice issue. As Catholics, we should be outraged. These workers are some of the lowest paid City workers. “Volunteering” or Scabbing will not solve this issue-only prolong it. Workers want only to get back to work and provide for their families. If City workers’ working conditions crumble- the rest of us are next. Call the Mayor and tell him to put a fair deal on the table. That’s all the workers want.

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