Bishops clear Development & Peace

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In an interview with Salt+Light TV,  Archbishop James Weisgerber, president of the Canadian Bishops’ Conference revealed the key finding of the investigation into Development & Peace:

I can assure you that in the report, the bishops found very clearly that there was no evidence that Development and Peace in any way funded abortion-related activities. And, in fact, that’s not the allegation. The allegation is that they funded partners who were involved. And that also, there is no evidence of that. Now they could have been involved with other groups who were doing things. That may be. But we have very clear guidelines within Catholic moral theology around how we do that. Because we’re faced with that everywhere. The leadership of the Catholic Church wants the Church involved with other people, even people who don’t agree with us, provided that the disagreement that they have with us not be supported in any way or be given umbrage by our presence there. So it’s always kind of a prudential thing. But there’s no evidence that any of that has gone on in Mexico.

The investigation into D&P was as a result of slanderous claims by highly politicized anti-abortion groups. Watch the episode of Zoom on Salt+Light. Select the June 19 show.


  1. Dear Friar,

    “The investigation into D&P was as a result of slanderous claims by highly politicized anti-abortion groups”

    as well you may want to add, well documented claims. I’m aware of others who privately found evidence of D&P’s support for such groups.

  2. The good Bishop notes that nothing of the sort happened in Mexico. Ok maybe he didn’t look hard enough. However there are allegations that they provided funds to groups in Peru and East Timor. Will they also be investigating these as well?

    I for one have lost trust in the CCCB. These allegations must have some basis. I do not believe that Lifesite needed boogey man and made all of this up. Even before they came out with these claims I had been hearing similiar storys for years. But I shouldn’t be surpirsed. These are the same bishops who have yet to rescind the Winnipeg Statement.

  3. Fr. Rick

    I do hope that you are aware of the problems, short comings and ambiguity of the Winnipeg Statement. It is more than just conscience. It has been a license for birth control and abortion in this country since it was issued. It was a reply to Humane Vitae which is at odds with the Popes encyclical.

    It seems that the younger generation, those who have been exposed to this “choice” all their lives are more aware of this than the older generation – supporters of the conscience clause.

    By the way you forgot that it’s an informed conscience. One that results in preventing life is still wrong and requires further information to result in the informed conscience.

  4. “the conscience clause” is no pesky loophole in morality but at the very core of our Church’s teaching. The Winnipeg Statement is explicit about the need for an “informed”conscience. I think that the notion that the Winnipeg Statement is “license… for abortion” is a little over the top.

  5. Over the top friar? Really? Hmm, well, I’ve met a priest who thought thats what it meant and advised a women that if an abortion is what she “thought” was best then it was ok. Fortunately the priest has realized that wasn’t right. But what a price to pay for making that mistake just once. A child’s life was snuffed out.

    I’m sure he’s not the only member of the clergy to do that. Isn’t it also what our dear Catholic politicians use to excuse their “personally opposed, BUT” attitudes?

    We could say that this is not the intent of the statement but more or less a misunderstaning of its meaning. Which takes us back to Silvia’s comment above, that there are problems et al. with the statement.

  6. How tragic! Just because some priest had his head up his butt in the confessional and suggesting that abortion was ok if a person thought it was does not change the profound soundness of the Winnipeg Statement. I think the priest would have said that regardless. It sounds like he was in his own little fantasy land to start with.

  7. Hi Friar,

    I think that the notion that the Winnipeg Statement is “license… for abortion” is a little over the top.

    But not for contraception? I’ve heard the statement referenced repeatedly to excuse that.

  8. Looks like the critics of the bishops investigation were right. They would be lead around and shown all the nice things these groups do. Its more than Lifesite that is making the accusations Fr. Rick. I believe the editor of the Register called for an independant audit. Thats what is needed in this situation. Everything that I have read should scandalize us all in relation to the Bishops conclusion. Its reasons like this that has us Catholics faithful to the church turning directly to Rome rather than the local Bishop.

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