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I was just at a dinner where the guest speaker was Fr. Raymond D’Souza, a priest of the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario. Fr. D’Souza did a critical analysis of President Obama’s address at Notre Dame.  The focus was especially the President’s statement that  “doubt” is part of having faith. D’Souza’s saw this as Obama revealing himself as a moral relativist.  I didn’t agree with everything that was said, but Fr. D’Souza was fair, thoughtful and respectful.

It’s this kind of intelligent discourse that led me to suggest to the friars that we dump the Globe & Mail and switch to the National Post. I kind of got angry when the G&M had a huge picture and article about the priest in Florida (Fr. Cutie) who has caught on the beach with a woman. How was that national news for Canada? Anyways, I just find that the National Post is open to discussing issues of faith/religion in an intelligent manner.


  1. I think you’re right … you’ve got to show newspapers when you’re not happy with what they’re reporting. Lecturers and Professors did likewise with Le Monde during the French university strikes: a great majority stopped buying the paper or unsubscribed.

  2. Hello Friar Rick,

    I agree with you. Anything that can be used to criticize the Church, such as the sad situation of the Florida priest, is easy fodder for the mill.

    The National Post is much more balanced and open. Even recently, there was a column that was critical of the pro-life movement accusing it as being “responsible” for the heinous murder of Dr. George Tiller. But at the same time, you can read from Father D’Souza and of course, the new blog, Holy Post.

    The Toronto Star and Globe & Mail clearly seem to be biased and almost anti-Catholic…it seems to me to be just below the surface many times and outwardly so on many other occasions.

  3. Personally I think it is very very difficult to have a one and unique newspaper which is not biased … not an easy task when you have so many reporters/journalists writing for the same paper. It is for that simple reason that one should read (depending on one’s free time) at least 3 different papers a day and listen to about three different radio stations …. I may be wrong … but I more than convinced that that’s one way of seeing things in an objective way.

  4. Hi Fr.

    I learned the globe and mail was biased long ago. I stopped even considering them a news source when they ran the TV ad campaign that protrayed gun owners as rural rednecks, people opposed to gay marriage as socially awackward, those against abortion as religious zealots, and those against welfare as greedy corporate types. The tag line was get informed. As if not agreeing with any of these dogmatic statements couldn’t have a counter arguement.

    I’m glad that you are switching to the POST. I’ve been a subscriber for close to a year now. I just hope your courrier is more reliable than mine. I think you will enjoy!

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