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The friars of my community just spent a day of recollection.. sort of a one day retreat.. which included lots of time for reflection and faith sharing. The themes for our retreat come from the section of the Acts of the Apostles (Chapter 4) that describes how the early Christians shared everything in common and lived together in harmony. It was this vision that led us to reflect how we do or do not share everything in common, how honestly we dialogue with one another and how we use money individually and as a community. We also reflected on the Gospel passage of the rich young man who wants to follow Jesus but is hesitant to leave everything behind.

Part of the discussion was around attachments and the pitch that is made to us by the lotteries to “imagine” the freedom that would come by winning millions. As they say: Who wants to be a millionaire? Our day ended with us watching the 2005 film Millions. It’s a film from the UK by Danny Boyle (the same guy who directed Slum Dog Millionaire.

milllionsMillions tells the story of two young boys, brothers who find a whole lot of money. They have very different ways of dealing with their new-found wealth. One of the boys, Damian, is aided by a litany of saints… quite literally, and including a smoking St. Clare of Assisi.

It’s a fun film, done well that tells a great story. It’s really worth while.  I’m surprised I never heard about until I searched for a film that would fit our topic of the day. I readily found it at the video store. I highly recommend it!

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  1. I loved that movie! I have to thank a friend who turned me on to it. It’s usually hiding in plain sight on a shelf at blockbuster.

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