Dundas Square Event

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I attended the event at Dundas Square yesterday. I got there in time (after mass and baptisms) for part of the concert with our fellow franciscan, Anna DaCosta and friends. There was a respectable crowd despite the cool weather. The Archbishop was in the square meeting people, chatting and just plain accessible and friendly. What a great witness. There were lots of young people and quite a few… younger priests and religious. I overheard several people mention how surprised to see so many young priests! Hmmm, am I still a young priest?? Anyways there was also a rather obvious contingent from the NeoCats… the gentlemen in black… some looking particularily slick, cigarette in hand and very European! It was great to see some of my fellow parishioners, some pilgrims from the Eucharistic Congress including Fr. Liboria, Fr. Edwin and some of the crew from Salt+Light TV.Β  Thanks to Fr. Robert Mignella for organizing this event and Mr. Neil McCarthy and Mr. Emanuel Pires of the Archdiocese of Toronto for their work. It was really good. My only regrest… I missed the Matt Maher concert. I was meeting a friend for dinner who wasn’t so keen on that music (which I happen to love). But for the sake of spending some time with a friend I don’t see so often… well, I can always listen to Matt on the ipod.

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