Christians persecuted in Pakistan

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As things seem to heat up in Pakistan with regards to Islamic extremist, we can’t forget that Christians are often victims of violence.

Christian families in Karachi, Pakistan are locking themselves in their own homes following escalating violence against them in recent weeks.
Last week, six families’ homes were burned to the ground, along with shops and a number of churches in the locale of Taiser Town, Karachi.

A report from Australian missionaries calls for prayer and peace in Pakistan


  1. I brought this up to a colleague from Pakistan the other day when we were discussing the country’s recent turmoil. Her reply was that Muslim’s aren’t doing so well either in Christian countries, like France…(of all places).

    This colleauge isn’t some radical fundamentalist. I consider her bit of a secularist rather than Muslim. I was quite disappointed to hear this comment. Its not fair to make any such comparisons.

  2. Hi Fr.

    Is the last comment for me? Mobius is my name. If you go back to my fist posts you will see I used my first name as well.

  3. Michael,

    I don’t even think you could call it persecution there. Maybe bigotry and prejudice but hardly pesecution.

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