YOUR son a priest?

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Do you know what the single most important influence can be on a person’s vocation? Is is a really cool website? No. Is it a glossy poster? No.  Is it more prayers for vocations? Well, like all the above it can help. But the single thing that can make or break a vocation is the support / discouragement from a parent, priest or friend. Parents though have the strongest ability to discourage a vocation.

Are you a parent? How would you feel if your son or daughter expressed interest in a religious vocation?

The US Bishops have an interest study of the men being ordained in 2009. Note the 3 good friars from our own Conventual Franciscan community and the other friars (OFM & OFM Cap). Francis would be happy!

Here’s a visual hightlight of the study results compiled by CNS.



  1. Personally I think you could do a lot worse than have a child (boy or girl) with a religious vocation. If one of my sons wanted to be a priest; I would do whatever I could to support them. I don’t think I’m in a large majority though. I also think parents need to talk about priests and sisters as if it was a normal part of life and get to know a few of them other than just on Sundays.

  2. I think it all depends …. if my sons decided to become priests I would certainly support them …. but I would only support them if they decided to join a traditional order (Lazarists, Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits etc …). I would react very strongly if they chose one of those communities where one of our friends suffered hell for 15 years or more of her life (beaten up, humiliated etc…).

  3. Michael,

    Which order is it that beats their members? Is that limited only to the newer movements like the neocatechumenal way?

  4. I don’t think that abuse has any part of the charism of any group Michael. I would say that all groups are not perfect and may have some element of abuse. There’s one group in Toronto that I have a friend who claims to have been beaten by. Its not a “new” group. Lets try not to smear any one group against another but be supportive of those who have a calling to find a suitable home for them to fulfill God’s call.

  5. I have two sons, and I would be very happy if one, or, even both of them, had a vocation to Religious life, or the Priesthood.

    It is most interesting to me that parents are the #1 discouragers.

    I was at the Eucharistic Congress, and one of the young men ordained at the service of episcopal Ordination that was held there, a member of the congregation Marie Jeunesse, spoke eloquently (in French) about his parents, and their view of his own act of self-sacrifice, made joyfully, and with love, and how it is a sacrifice for them also, but also a source of many graces.


  6. Mobius,

    End result: my friend’s life has been ruined ….. that’s why I would opt for traditional orders who have more experience on how to handle human relations within the order.

    The community I have in mind only allowed my friend to see her parents once a year for ten minutes.

    Please ask, Friar Rick how often he can go and see his parents and how often they can come and visit him.

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