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Yes, I’m still here. The last few weeks have been quite crazy for me. First of all we hosted some of our friars from Padua, Italy and other friars from the USA. for  meetings about our involvement with the St. Anthony Messenger from Padua. It meant lots of meetings and lots of entertaining and above all lots of translating back and from between English and Italian. My head hurt when they left!  The blessing of this whole exercise was that the charitable organization established by the friars from Italy, and of which I am a director, was able to distribute some $350,000 in donations to charities this year! As much as I enjoyed the friars’ presence,  you can imagine the level of activity in a parish is quite hectic as we build up to the Triduum. I felt rather torn at times. Thank God for the great team of staff and volunteers at the parish who cover for me and make me look good! Without them I could not multi-task.

Last night we began the Sacred Triduum with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. It was quite beautiful and peaceful. These days are certainly my favourite of the year… by far! Now it’s time to prepare for the Passion. Let’s keep each other in prayer during these busy… and prayerful times.

p.s. I am so thrilled that our parish has hired our very first Youth Minister. More on that soon.

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