No Earth Hour for me

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Thanks to another Toronto Catholic blogger, Vox Cantoris I read an interesting critique about the Earth Hour. It’s in the National Post. I guess I am partial to this point of view as I don’t really get the purpose… besides symbolic. However the social pressure to comply is great. It irks me.  In a similar way I found myself, several times today, defending the Pope’s comments on condoms. The Pope’s comments on the plane, perhaps not savy from a PR point of view… are in fact true. If women in some part of Africa are being abused and forced into dangerous sex… well of course a condom would help stop the transmission of HIV.  The Pope certainly understands that. But what the Pope is asking… correctly.. .is why are women being put into that situation in the first place? Condoms are not the real issue. But when you say that condoms are not the solution… people look at you funny like you’re from another planet. I get the same look from people when I ask why we are turning our lights off for Earth Hour? They look at me as if I hate the planet and want to kill baby seals. But honestly, I don’t get the Earth Hour thing… besides being about PR. I really believe in good PR.. but I also believe in substance. Where’s the beef? Ooops sorry… “Where’s the tofu!”



  1. I didn’t participate either. I just say that every day is Earth day at my house. Frugal living makes you environmentally correct whether you planned it that way or not.
    As far as the Pope’s stance on the condom issue; it seems that people who are upset about it; are just reacting and not bothering to think the whole thing through because when you do; it makes sense.

  2. Hello Friar,

    Thanks for the plug; I could not agree with you more on this, I mean everyone went back to their habits an hour later. It’s such a joke, I’ve recycled for years and composted long before we ever had a “green bin” even in winter I made the trip with my kitchen bucket to the end of my yard. The irony is that usually my house if dark, but Saturday night, in silent protest, Vox’s lights were burning.

    But what really concerns me about this is how gullible we are, how ready to go along with the prevailing cultural trend and demand and your point about the condoms in Africa and the vile criticism of Pope Benedict XVI is germane.

    I have a hard time not seeing something sinister behind this. Call me a “conspiracy theorist” but I see this “Earth-Hour” as just one more of a “softening-up” of the masses for something bigger.

    “If we can get them to obey us in this, then…”

    Will we take the “mark” as easily?

  3. Lights on at my home as well. As well as the tv and computer. There’s reasonable ways to be concious of the earth, but to think its a fraglie egg is ridiculous. Plus the evidence is not all pointing to Global warming either. I guess those who fell for this whole earth hour are really in the dark about whats going on.

    On the condom issue, a collauge at work was surprised I would agree with the Pope on the AIDS thing. I looked at her and with the same level of surprise said, “what you don’t agree?

  4. Please do tell me what was wrong with my comment. Who did I insult. It was certainly under 100 words. Let me know if I’m no longer welcome to comment.

  5. The New York Times Magazine has an excellent article called “The Civil Heretic.” It’s about Freeman Dyson, the world-renowned scientist and public intellectual, opposing global warming and was practically burned at the stake by the high priests of the Global-warming religion (Al Gore and James Hansen). Excellent read.

    Whenever Faith in Christ declines, paganism re-asserts itself. Today’s Pagan Gods are scientific re-brands of the old ones who were once thought to control earth’s natural forces and cycles. The Aztecs once sacrificed beating human hearts to Huitzilopochtli; at least we can show some progress with this carbon credit thing.

  6. Dyson does not oppose global warming. On the contrary, he believes in its existence, along with the overwheliming majority of the scientific community. He is simply skeptical about the reliability of the predicitons we have made on the subject, namely those presented to the public by Al Gore. With regards to Earth Hour, I agree that this campaign will do little for the environment in the grand scheme of things. However, my question is can it really hurt? If Earth Hour serves to get some people thinking about the environment then at least it has accomplished something positive, regardless of how insignificant it might be. Of course, the National Post may frown on such left-wing idealism.

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