Happy Commonwealth Day

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Michael at Commonwealth celebration in Paris
Michael at Commonwealth celebration in Paris wearing his "Maltese" tie.

Thanks to my cousin Michael in Paris, I realized that Monday was Commonwealth Day, a celebration of the worldwide organization that includes the United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Africa, Canada and many other countries. It’s a commemoration of what binds us together; not laws or guns but a common heritage. Sadly we don’t celebrate this day very much in Canada. Worse, we don’t often realize that we benefit greatly from our shared roots in the British tradition of blending individual rights and the common good.


  1. I received an e-mail on Monday from a friend of mine in Mozambique wishing me Commonwealth Day greetings and it was the first I had heard of it. Strange because here in the UK you would think it would at least get a mention on the news.

    During my trip to Canada last year I was a bit surprised to see so much, mostly historical, British influence. However, it did bring home to me that these little islands have a shared heritage with so many parts of the world.

    ps) Friar Rick, I hope you enjoyed your pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

  2. And what’s more we had a lovely Commonwealth ‘Week’ Reception at the British Embassy in Paris with guests from all over the Commonwealth who live and work in Paris.

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