A new look for the Vatican website?

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I came upon this interesting site that asked what the Holy See’s website (Vatican.ca) would look like if it was Obama-fied. Even those who are not so keen on President Obama’s policies would agree that the new website for the White House is quite impressive. The Obama administration has a clear intention to continue its direct communication with supporters. They know how to get the message out. Could it work for the Holy See? The Obamafication of the Pope’s cyberspace home is quite good and would be a great improvement over the current website which is often difficult to figure out. Then again, it presumes that there is actually the desire for people to go to the website. Check it out.


  1. How does one send an email message to the Vatican , the Pope, his ministers …. the site is set up in such a way that you can’t …. unless I’ve missed something …. democracy :))

  2. Wait a second…now we’re going to have to gauge our websites under a new Obamafication Rater or something?? How’s that’s fair? He doesn’t know anything about websites, HTML, Applets. Guess what, and I’m truly sorry to have to tell you this…he actually had someone else do it for him. I’m sorry…don’t cry…you’re love affair with Obama was only a dream.

    I give him this though…at least something works in his government.

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