South Africans react to new Mass texts

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The Catholic Church in South Africa is going through quite the tempest as some of the local bishops there implemented some of the coming changes to the liturgy. The response from people has not been pretty. People seem to have real concerns about the poor use of English in the liturgy (stemming from a slavish translation of not only the Latin, but of the Latin sentence structure!) and what others see as a betrayal of the theology of the Second Vatican Council.

My sense is that some of the changes are not so bad. However, you heard it here: people will be furious that the Holy See is focusing on linguistic fine-tuning when it could be paying more attention to more pressing matters… oh I don’t know, like not appointing wacko bishops in Austria or lifting excommunications on people who have no intention of being in communion with the Roman Church.

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  1. “…like not appointing wacko bishops in Austria…”

    Hi Friar Rick,

    Which “wacko bishops” you’re refering too in the situation that just occured in Austria?

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