Chaput in Toronto

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Hello friends. I’ve been away on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and thus off the blog for a while for this “retreat” experience. More on that later.

This Tuesday morning I attended the Mass & Breakfast presented by the Catholic business leaders’ group Meritus and Salt+Light TV. The speaker was the outspoken Capuchin Archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput. The Archbishop who is French Canadian and Native American in origin was here for a couple of events including the Michael Coren show.


The presentation to business leaders was quite good and challenged leaders to personal integrity that has an effect in concrete choices that they make. He was quite empowering of people and told them that while the Church has the mandage to promote its social teaching, it is their vocation to implement it.

There were a couple of “interesting” questions… one of them being about how the Obama stimulus package was going to to bring, get this, socialism, to the United States. What are the bishops going to do about this? Archbishop Chaput was agile in responding that he and most bishops don’t know much about economics and should stay out of it.

Another question was about the Catholic vote for Obama in the U.S. Chaput accurately pointed out the fact that although many Catholics voted for Obama (and the he admitted that some good Catholics voted for Obama) the proportion of Obama voters diminished was the “catholics” in question were more committed to their faith… such as actually going to church on Sunday.

A bonus to this event was bumping into a few of the visitors to this blog.. some of whom seemed rather surprised to see me there.. “You’re Friar Rick” and my equally surprised “You’re Vox Cantor!”