The Bishop Williamson scandal gets worse

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As I was being thankful that the SSPX had asked Bishop Williamson to refrain from speaking about political or historical matters someone suggested I check out his attitude about women and…. trousers! They suggested I visit the Canadian site for the SSPX  and read some of the Bishop’s comments. Read it yourself… perhaps the SSXP should add the topic of “women” to the list of  things Williamson should keep silent about. Hummm… no politics, history, human beings…. what is it exactly that a Bishop should be able to speak about?? Here’s quote from one of his letter of 2001:

Canadians strike me as a gentle people; but “strike” is the word! Ten yeas ago I was innocently asked in Canada whether women should wear trousers. Some ten weeks ago, also in Canada, I was asked whether a girl should go to a conservative Novus Ordo university. The answer now to the second question may be as stormy as the answer to the first:- because of all kinds of natural reasons, almost no girl should go to any university!

The deep-down reason is the same as for the wrongness of women’s trousers: the unwomaning of woman. The deep-down cause in both cases is that Revolutionary man has betrayed modem woman; since she is not respected and loved for being a woman, she tries to make herself a man. Since modem man does not want her to do what God meant her to do, namely to have children, she takes her revenge by invading all kinds of things that man is meant to do. What else was to be expected? Modem man has only himself to blame.

In fact, only in modern times have women dreamt of going to university, but the idea has now become so normal that even Catholics, whose Faith guards Nature, may have difficulty in seeing the problem. However, here is a pointer in the direction of normalcy: any Catholic with the least respect for Tradition recognizes that women should not be priests – can he deny that if few women went to university, almost none would wish to be priests? Alas, women going to university is part of the whole massive onslaught on God’s Nature which characterizes our times. That girls should not be in universities flows from the nature of universities and from the nature of girls: true universities are for ideas, ideas are not for true girls, so true universities are not for true girls.

Hello Fr. Lombardo at the Holy See!!!!! Can you hear this??? Houston, we have a problem!!


  1. I have just read the Pope’s speech from his most recent General Audience where he speaks about the reasons for lifting the SSPX excommunications and then very movingly about the holocaust. It’s a really thought provoking speech. The real tragedy of this SSPX fiasco is the damage done to Jewish-Catholic relations.

    I agree with you Friar Rick, it is a PR nightmare. I hope the Pope’s words are reported widely but I guess they will only have a limited effect in tackling the perception of anti-semitism. Whoever is responsible for communications at the Vatican needs to learn lessons from this urgently.

  2. I think I ought to have the right to reply to Patience and let him/her know that what he/she calls *nutty* are in fact very intelligent people who know exactly what type of hostile message they want to convey across the board. *Nutty* is too soft .. just means they’re crazy …. well … they’re NOT. It’s part of their policy.

  3. Yes, you can reply but check this blog’s guidelines about “blog blasting”. 10 comments at one sitting is a little much. Take it easy.. and your words will have more impact.

  4. With all the liberal and heterodox Bishops out there who don’t get attacked by the media, etc., Bishop W.’s opinion about whether girls should go to the university seems rather tame. I grant his point, but may disagree with his conclusion. At any rate, this has nothing to do with the Pope’s decision to lift the excommunications, and is merely a red herring.

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