Bishop Williamson and the canine female

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It gets worse still… even The Sound of Music and Julie Andrews are not spared Bishop Williamson’s wrath.

(from the site under documents) :

As for cleanness, many films may be worse than the Sound of Music, but stop and think – are youth, physical attractiveness and being in love the essence of marriage? Can you imagine this Julie Andrews staying with the Captain if “the romance went out of their marriage”? Would she not divorce him and grab his children from him to be her toys? Such romance is not actually pornographic but it is virtually so, in other words all the elements of pornography are there, just waiting to break out. One remembers the media sensation when a few years later Julie Andrews appeared topless in another film. That was no sensation, just a natural development for one rolling canine female.

Better add “movie reviews” to the off-limits topics for the Bishop!


  1. Hopefully all of this Holocaust stuff will get people looking into the absurdities of EVERYTHING silly he has ever said or written…Thereby further isolating the creep-factor of SSPX members and supporters. The “free radicals” involved with the society will either have to convincingly have their minds changed, in a spirit of tolerance shut up, or settle for their own real schism. I think we’d all prefer the first one though: Oh how conversion warms the heart!

  2. Tony, I agree with you. My thoughts are that the SSPX faithful who “totally” support Williamson will either step away from the reconciliation with Rome and formally create a “break-away” sect or be changed in their thinking. I’m praying for the latter.

  3. *silly* is too light a word. The Holocaust victims deserve better, Tony. Obviously you are not aware of what they suffered. Please go to your public library domani and get yourself some serious reading.

  4. My thoughts at this time are not primarily with the members of the SSPX. Williamson and co. have been spouting their poison for years and the SSPX followers chose to throw in their lot with them.

    No, my thoughts and prayers are for the Jewish People who have once again seen the memories of their loved ones trampled on.

  5. I am well aware of what occurred during the Second World War. I am by no stretch of the imagination a scholar, but nor am I ignorant. What is written in history books as well as personal testimony is what has given me the impetus to delve deeper, with great interest, into one of the most tragic events to take place in recent history.

    I was referring to this Bishop’s tendency to say some ridiculous things, things that aren’t offensive to human dignity, but which nonetheless are false, hilariously stupid and bordering on insane. This though is a upgrade. I’ve never heard anything like this coming from +Williamson before. I wasn’t treating what he said, or what could be taken from his interview, with any such levity.

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