The vision and integrity of a righteous man

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Let the lunacy of some “so-called”  bishops not distract us from remembering the presence of Christ in the Church and especially the many holy men and women of our time. Today as we celebrate the convening of the Second Vatican Council we remember Pope John the Good. JXXIII had a lifetime of integrity and righteousness that was felt by people of all faiths. He certainly knew about the horrors of the Holocaust and did something about it. He was faithful to his call as a bishop. He is not alone. Today, many, many in the Church continue to be faithful heralds of the Gospel, breathing life into the Church. Let us give thanks to God for such people in our midst.

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  1. The wonderful Blessed Pope John. There are actually quite a lot of catholics already recognised by Yad Vashem as Righteous among the Nations (including several Bishops) and many of them lost their lives because of their stand. I have wondered what I would have done if I had been in their situation. They really are examples of true Gospel courage and we should teach more about them.

  2. “We are dealing with one of the great mysteries in the history of humanity. Poor children of Israel. Daily I hear their groans around me. They are relatives and fellow-countrymen of Jesus. May the Divine Saviour come to their aid and enlighten them.” (14th April 1943). p 186 (…)

    “John XXIII: Pope of the Council by Peter Hebblethwaite – Fount Classics, 1994, 550 pages”

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